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What is a staffing agency?
Staffing agencies are contracted on behalf of companies to do recruiting and talent acquisition for them. Staffing agencies often have a large pool of candidates to draw from, giving them access to more talent than an HR department may have on their own. The staffing agencies want to make a great match with qualified candidates and the company, boosting their own success rates and becoming a trusted partner for the company and worker.
How do you calculate the scores for each company?
Our algorithm focuses on four main metrics: brand, trust, reviews, and user experience. This algorithm is constantly being updated to ensure the best results for your needs.
How do staffing agencies work?
Staffing agencies will talk with the hiring company to understand their priorities, their open positions and what type of hire they are looking for, such as full-time, part-time, or temp to hire. Many staffing agencies are now offering remote positions for employees and companies that are open to flexible work arrangements.
How do I choose a staffing agency?
Before choosing a staffing an agency, consider the role that needs to be filled. Is it a specialist with senior level credentials? Then you may want to consider a recruiting firm or headhunter. An admin assistant? A staffing agency specializing in manufacturing will not be as much help. The point is, you may need several different staffing agencies to fill your roles depending on what the position requires.
Why should I hire a staffing agency?
Hiring does not look the same across companies. Many companies come to staffing agencies for temporary and seasonal work, but there is more to it than that. There are part-time needs, full-time needs and specialized contract work. A dedicated staffing agency who understands your company objectives will help you make the right decisions and source great talent.
What's the risk of hiring a bad staffing agency?
This is a good question. Staffing agencies will not always know your product or brand so they may not give you the best candidates. That is why it's impotant to find the best fit for you. Look for a staffing agency that thoroughly vets their candidates, offers assessments and can verify the skills of thei candidates will help you mitigate the risk of hiring a bad staffing agency.
Why do companies use staffing agencies?
There is a growing talent gap among the most in-demand fields. It takes a lot of time and effort to screen candidates to find a great match, not to mention the time spent recruiting them. Also high growth companies (and the lows that come with it) may want to augment quickly, going up and down with their headcount, depending on the project.
How are the best staffing agencies determined?
Here are the criteria we use to determine the quality of each staffing agency. We encourage you to do your own research to find the best staffing agency for you. Popularity: Rating based on company site domain authority and number of online brand name searches.Reputation: Rating based on top reviews from leading, authoritative sites.Thought Leadership: Rating based on publications, content and non-branded organic search traffic.Online Presence: Rating based and measured on company website performance.
Will you be adding more cities?
Yes! Best Staffing Agencies will continue to add more cities as research more staffing agencies in different locations. However, many staffing agencies have multiple locations in several large metropolitan areas, along with remote talent, so you may find a staffing agency that meets your hiring requirements even if you are not located in the same city.
How can I list my staffing agency?
Currently, we are not accepting new listings. In the near future, we will be conducting new research to update our database with the best staffing agencies in the market. If you think that your staffing agency qualifies, please use the Contact Us form to message us. Include your name, the name of the staffing agency, and the company URL. We will reach out to you when we update our listings.